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Chef Edward Young

Chef Edward Young is our own “Chef to the Stars.” Most recently he was lauded for the deliciousness of his cuisine by First Lady Michelle Obama after his privately catered event for her through Hampton University. 

Chef Edward has shared his culinary talents for many other celebrity clients including Katt Williams, Eddie George, Steven McNair, and Bill Bellamy to name a few who continue to rave about Chef’s skills in the kitchen.


But his deepest passion has been cooking for students and faculty of HBCU’s including Tennessee State, Troy University, Miles College, Bethune Cookman, and of course our own H.U.


He’s no stranger to creating incredible dishes and has been at it since he was a ten-year-old child in Alabama, where his family owned a locally famous barbecue establishment as well as an extremely popular Soul Food cafe.


But as much as Chef Edward enjoys perfecting traditional Southern recipes, he is a master of Caribbean, German, Japanese, and Chinese dishes as well, and you can taste his many influences in the menu here at George. 

He confesses as much as he enjoys the accolades from his many clients over the years, his greatest personal reward besides his culinary bachelor’s degree, is the overwhelming warmth he feels in his heart when the obvious smiles of joy and appreciation can be seen on the faces of those truly enjoying his cooking.

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