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The Story of George

Why the name?


Most of  us  are fortunate enough  to  have that one friend, that “Ride or Die” person that through thick or thin has your back. They are a confidant, a practical joker, and a straight shooter. They’re the one who will give you the shirt off their back and will always tell you the truth even when others won’t.

For the founders of this project, that brother was George Garrison III. George was always the one to volunteer to help out the crew when others wouldn’t, even when the odds of success seemed stacked against us. He always had great advice, a great sense of humor and a quick easy smile. He was also a Godly man of tremendous humility, matched only by his great physical stature.

In the midst of the pandemic, many of us all lost love ones. Sadly, it also claimed the life of our dear friend, George. We felt there was no more fitting an honor to name the place for him.

George was an insatiable lover of good food and good music. And like the rest of us at the helm of this establishment, we always wanted  to  create a space where those things would be plentiful, as well as, a comfortable place where folks  of  good will and a positive outlook  on  life  could gather and  fellowship, exchange ideas, support  each  other, and spread good cheer and love.


Those of us born to the “Baby Boomers” recall a time when we referred to each other as Brothers and Sisters. A time when Love filled the air in the “Age of Aquarius” and  great thinkers, writers, and musicians provided society a glimpse of the world we worked hard and organized to achieve.


And that work continues.


Our  hope  is  that  GEORGE  reminds  us of  that special time, and motivates us with that renewed spirt, yet with the sensibilities of today.

Please come often and tell your friends that there is a new place to enjoy delicious food, great live and recorded music, and really cool folks. 


And if you’re an experienced cigar lover, or even a novice, and want to learn all the nuances of a good stogie, be sure to visit our adjacent Cigar Lounge (when it opens) where you can also catch your favorite team’s game on our many monitors, or a game of 8-ball.


Also, the VIP area is available for your special gatherings.


When you are at George, relax, enjoy the atmosphere. You’re not just a friend here, you’re a Brother or Sister.


We appreciate you, and welcome any feedback to make your experience here even better!


George wouldn’t have it any other way.

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